AC 2018 Alberta Connection

September 14 –16  Red Deer, AB

  Best Conference Ever !!  

Our sixth Alberta Connection Astrological Conference received a lot of positive feedback, providing momentum to continue our quest to offer an informal platform for new speakers to present their material.

AC 2018 Brochure – click here

The following speakers at AC 2018 have offered to post their lectures.

The contents of the lectures are the property of the presenters, please respect their rights.

Lectures are in .pdf format and Voice recordings are in mp3 format (compatible with windows player)

Inge Lohse

Inge has a third house Aquarian Sun with an investigative Scorpio Ascendant. With both Mars and Mercury in the sign of Capricorn, she enjoys researching the practical applications of astrology. Inge is co-author (with Liz Swoboda) of Astrology for the Traveller -Trip Charts, and soon their -Weather Charts book will be available. Inge is a founding member of the EAS, and has served on its’ executive for more than 40 years.

Chris McRae

Chris McRae has been a consultant, teacher, author, and lecturer since 1970. She has been conducting workshops and lecturing at most major astrological conferences throughout the world including Russia, Europe, UK, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, Australia. Recently retired ISAR Board Vice-President, Chair International Committee & Certification Program and was appointed Emeritus Board member. UAC Regulus Award for Professional Image, ISAR Life Time Achievement Award, ISAR Special Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership. Chris has authored 4 books, and contributed to five.

JoAnn Stoneberg

JoAnn is a Soul Investigator and an Intuitive Astrologer. Her training in Shamanism and a technique called Deep Memory Process ® (DMP), has heightened her already intuitive skills to eloquently heal the souls of our past lives that affect us today. JoAnn also has the gift of translating the beautiful ancient language of Astrology in a brilliant way that helps you understand and discover who you are at the soul level. Website:

Garrett Coulson

Garrett Coulson is intent upon writing THE GREAT METAPHYSICAL MEMOIR. He has previously published a novel called THE LAST INDIA OVERLAND, which can be found on GoogleBooks, under the pseudonymous name, Craig Grant. He has been published in GRAIN, The New Quarterly, Blue Streak in a Dry Year. He won the City of Regina Writing Grant, twice. He has studied solar arc progressions with Noel Tyl, Pluto and its machinations with Mark Jones, black holes, asteroids and quasars, with Philip Sedgwick. He has studied Technical Remote-Viewing with (former CIA) Major Ed Dames.

Bernadette Evans

Bernadette has always been interested in Astrology as well as other modalities that help facilitate growth for herself and her clients. She began her studies with Catherine Potter in 2008 and received her diploma in astrological counselling in 2011 from the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies. Since then she has continued her studies by going to Steven Forrest’s Astrology Apprentice Program. Bernadette recently finished her studies at the Kelowna College of Professional Counselling receiving a Diploma of Psychology and Counselling.
Lecture: Stumbling Blocks when Counselling our Clients

Donna Young

Donna has been an avid student of astrology since 2001. She has a degree from Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Science and holds a Level III NCGR Certification. Certified by the Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA), she serves as a Peer Group Leader and as a Canadian Satellite Representative. Committed to building the the astrology community, she co-hosts a monthly gathering in Calgary, AB for astrologers of all levels. Along with the Edmonton Astrology Society, she helps organize an annual conference to encourage the development of Canadian astrologers. Passionate about teaching, she is on the faculty of Kepler College, teaches for the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE) and offers private classes both online and in person in Alberta, where she maintains a personal consulting practice.

Paula Carneige Fehr

Paula is a long-time student of astrology and a practitioner of yoga. She weaves astrological thought with yoga philosophies, a very powerful combination.
Lecture: The Yoga of Astrology